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Who are we?

AIM Capital Partners are leaders in offering citizenship and residency solutions. The firm understands the challenges global citizens receive in terms of international mobility. The team comprises of experienced professionals with multi lingual language skills able to assist clients with a range of citizenship and fiduciary services.

The firm will aim to raise significant amounts of foreign direct investments through the global citizenship and residency programmes The industry has been instrumental in supporting several government social development projects as well as developing each respective countries important infrastructure. AIM Capital Partners believes in providing a client orientated service and will always look to exceed our client’s expectation.



AIM Capital Partners will provide a service based on honesty, integrity, complete confidentiality and high ethical standards.


AIM Capital Partners will offer unique and creative solutions in order to maximise the benefits of global citizenship.


The objective of AIM Capital Partner is to provide a results based service. The company will build the business based on the results it delivers and its core objective will be to exceed their clients’ objective.

Client service driven

The company will offer a bespoke and tailored service and make the application process as easy and convenient as possible for the client. This will be achieved by understanding the aims and objectives of each client.

Global Commitment

AIM Capital Partners will assist citizens from all over the world in terms of utilising the benefits of citizenship and residency planning. The company aims to bring a positive impact on global citizens in terms of providing greater travel mobility and providing innovative estate planning solutions.

Why us?

The team at AIM Capital Partners comprises of specialists from the field of citizenship advisory, real estate and wealth management planning. The company understands the daily struggles of families and professionals in terms of wealth planning, tax planning and global mobility. Each relationship manager is well trained to implement a strategy to suit each client’s profile. The team will regularly keep in contact with the client and ensure the whole process runs smoothly as possible.

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