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St Lucia

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island located north of Trinidad and Tobago. The country has been an independent state since 1979 and is a member of the Commonwealth Realm. The Saint Lucia citizenship by investment programme was launched in 2016 to promote and attract foreign direct investment on the island. The CIP overlooks and regulates the citizenship by investment programme in Saint Lucia.The programme offers a unique opportunity to invest in government securities and is popular amongst applicants wishing to make a low risk investment in a government owned asset. An investor may also qualify for citizenship by making a donation in a government fund or investment in real estate.

  • No residency requirements.
  • Visa free travel to over 120 countries including UK, Schengen region, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • No interview requirements.
  • No language requirements.
  • Ability to work and reside in St Lucia.
  • Limited taxation: no wealth, gift, foreign income or capital gains tax.
  • Completely private application process.
  • St Lucia has an approximate population of 163,000.
  • The capital of St Lucia is Castries.
  • English is the official language on the island, French Patois is also widely spoken.
  • The average life expectancy for the population of St Lucia is 72 years.
  • The population of Saint Lucia has an estimated literacy rate of 90%.

The economy of St Lucia is mainly based on tourism and its offshore banking services. The country exports various products such as bananas, mangoes and avocados. Tourism is known to account for 50% of St Lucia’s gross domestic product. The official currency on the island is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, which is pegged to the US dollar.

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    Investment options

    Applicants may choose one of the following investments:

    1. Donation to a government fund.
    2. Investment in real estate.
    3. Investment in government securities.
    4. Investment in an approved enterprise project.

    Donation to a Government Fund

    Single Applicant

    • Required Contribution: $100,000
    • Due Diligence: $7,500
    • Processing Fees: $2,000

    Applicant and Spouse

    • Required Contribution: $140,000
    • Due Diligence: $12,500
    • Processing Fees: $3,000

    Family (2 Adults & 2 Children)

    • Required Contribution: $150,000
    • Due Diligence: $12,500
    • Processing Fees: $5,000

    * Fees are subject to change

    Investment in Real Estate

    Single Applicant

    • Required Investment: $200,000
    • Due Diligence: $7,500
    • Government Fees: $30,000

    Applicant and Spouse

    • Required Investment: $200,000
    • Due Diligence: $12,500
    • Government Fees: $45,000

    Family (2 Adults & 2 Children)

    • Required Investment: $200,000
    • Due Diligence: $12,500
    • Government Fees: $55,000

    * Fees are subject to change

    Investment in Government Securities

    Single Applicant

    • Required Investment: $300,000
    • Due Diligence: $7,500
    • Government Fees: $50,000

    Applicant and Spouse

    • Required Investment: $300,000
    • Due Diligence: $12,500
    • Government Fees: $50,000

    Family (2 Adults & 2 Children)

    • Required Investment: $300,000
    • Due Diligence: $12,500
    • Government Fees: $50,000

    * Fees are subject to change

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      • An initial internal due diligence check will be carried out on each applicant to assess their suitability  for the Saint Lucia citizenship programme.
      • AIM Capital Partners will require clients to scan all documents to their client relationship manager in order to ensure the documents have been prepared in the correct manner. Guidance will be provided to the applicant throughout the process.
      • Thereafter, the team will prepare your application and submit it to the citizenship unit.
      • AIM Capital Partner will request the required payments when the application is ready to be submitted.
      • Within 1-2 weeks, the company should receive the submission acknowledgement letter from the unit.

      The government will carry out a strict due diligence on each applicant and receive reports from several due diligence agencies in order to ensure all applicants are of good character. This process will take approximately around 2- 3 months.

      • The citizenship unit will meet to assess the due diligence results and citizenship application. Thereafter, the unit will inform AIM Capital Partners whether the application has been approved or disapproved.
      • If the application is successful, the application will be approved in principal.
      • All investment payments will need to be completed at this stage.
      • Once the certificates have been issued, AIM Capital Partners shall apply for all passports.


      • Be at least 18 years of age.
      • Make the required payments for your chosen investment.
      • Pass a diligence background check along with their qualifying dependents over the age of 18.
      • Provide full and frank disclosure on all matters pertaining to the application.
      • Pay the requisite non-refundable processing, due diligence and administrative fees upon application.
      • Applicant should not have been rejected a visa from a country, which has a visa free travel agreement with Saint Lucia. All visa rejections must be disclosed.

      Eligibility of Dependents

      • A spouse of the main applicant.
      • Children under the age of 18 of main applicant or spouse.
      • Children between the age of 18 -30 whom is fully supported by the main applicant.
      • A child of the main applicant or spouse who is physically or mentally challenged. The dependent should be fully supported by the main applicant.
      • Parents or grandparents of the main applicant and spouse above the age of 55 living with and fully supported by the main applicant.
      • a parent of any age who is physically or mentally challenged and who is fully supported by the applicant.
      • an unmarried sister or brother of the applicant who is below eighteen years of age and who has received the consent of his or her parent or guardian to make an application for citizenship by investment.

      A successful applicant will have visa free or visa on arrival access to the following countries:

      • Anguilla
      • Antigua & Barbuda
      • Argentina
      • Armenia
      • Aruba
      • Austria
      • Bahamas
      • Bangladesh
      • Barbados
      • Belize
      • Belgium
      • Bermuda
      • Bolivia
      • Botswana
      • Brazil
      • Bulgaria
      • Cambodia
      • Cape Verde
      • Cayman Islands
      • Central African Republic
      • Chile
      • China
      • Colombia
      • Costa Rica
      • Cuba
      • Croatia
      • Cyprus
      • Czech Republic
      • Denmark
      • Djibouti
      • Dominica
      • Dominican Republic
      • Ecuador
      • Egypt
      • Estonia
      • Fiji
      • Finland
      • France
      • Gambia
      • Germany
      • Greece
      • Grenada
      • Guadeloupe
      • Guyana
      • Haiti
      • Hong Kong
      • Iran
      • Israel
      • Jamaica
      • Jordan
      • Kenya
      • Israel
      • Jamaica
      • Jordan
      • Kenya
      • Macau
      • Madagascar
      • Malawi
      • Malaysia
      • Maldives
      • Malta
      • Martinique
      • Mauritius
      • Montserrat
      • Mozambique
      • Nepal
      • Netherlands
      • Norway
      • Panama
      • Peru
      • Philippines
      • Poland
      • Portugal
      • Romania
      • Saint Kitts and Nevis
      • Saint Lucia
      • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
      • Samoa
      • Seychelles
      • Singapore
      • Slovakia
      • Slovenia
      • Solomon Islands
      • South Korea
      • Spain
      • Sri Lanka
      • Suriname
      • Swaziland
      • Sweden
      • Switzerland
      • Tanzania
      • Togo
      • Trinidad and Tobago
      • Turks and Caicos Islands
      • Tuvalu
      • Uganda
      • United Kingdom
      • Vanuatu
      • Venezuela
      • Zambia
      • Zimbabwe
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