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Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa programme was established in 2012 and is available to citizens around the globe. Due to its simplicity and transparency, it is arguably one of the most popular residency programmes. The Portuguese Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF) overlooks the day to day operations of the programme.

  • Minimum residency requirement.
  • Visa free travel around the Schengen region.
  • No education requirements.
  • Fast processing turnover
  • Ability to apply for an EU passport after 6 years.
  • Opportunity to invest in a safe and stable country.
  • Visa free access to European financial hubs such as Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam.
  • Ability to open a business in an EU member country.
  • Portugal has a population of 10.46 million.
  • The capital of Portugal is Lisbon.
  • Portugal is famous for exporting Port wine. The drink is mainly produced in the Douro valley.
  • Portugal is the only country in the EU, along with Spain, where life imprisonment has been abolished.
  • The Vasco Da Gama Bridge in Lisbon is the longest bridge in Europe with 17,185 m (56,381 feet).
  • Portuguese is the official language in the country, which is known to have over 230 million speakers.
  • Portugal is a country located west of Spain and is known to be one of the warmest countries in Europe.
  • Portugal is home to a number of notable banks such as the Portucel Soporcel.
  • Portugal is the member of the EU and the euro is used as the official currency in the country.
  • The EU member states are Portugal’s main export and import partners.
  • The central bank of Portugal is the Banco De Portugal that forms part of the European System of Central Banks.

Investment options

Applicants may choose one of the following investments:

  • €350,000 investment in Portuguese Real Estate which is older than 30 years old, located in an urban area and requires a refurbishment. The investment of €350,000 will include the cost of renovation. The investment will be €280,000 if the project is located in an area which is classed as a ‘low population density area’.
  • €500,000 investment in Portuguese Real Estate. The investment would be €400,000 if the project is located in an area which is classed as a ‘low population density area’.
  • Capital Transfer of €1.5 million into a bank account in Portugal.
  • €500,000 investment in an investment fund or venture capital fund. The fund should be at least 5 years old and 60 per cent of the investments will need to be companies registered in Portugal.
  • €500,000 investment in research activities in the industry of science and technology. The investment would be €400,000 if the research is carried out in an area which is classed as a ‘low population density area’.
  • €250,000 Investment in projects which promote Portuguese art or culture. The investment would be 200,000 Euros if the project is located in an area which is classed as a ‘low population density area’.
  • Investment in a business which creates 10 new jobs.
  • Investment in a business which creates 8 new job and is located in a ‘low population density area’.
  • €500,000 investment in a new or existing Portuguese registered company which creates or maintains 5 permanent jobs for a period of 3 years.


*A ‘low population density area’ is defined as the following: An area with less than 100 inhabitants per km² or a GDP per capita lower than 75% of the national average.

*All investments are denoted in Euros.

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      In order to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa programme, an applicant must complete the investment process prior to the residency application. A Portuguese lawyer will open your bank account and apply for your tax number online. Both the bank account and tax number are required to complete the purchase of your investment.

      AIM Capital Partners will submit your residency application to the Portuguese immigration authorities for an initial review of the documentation. Thereafter, all applicants will need to submit their Biometrics data to the Portuguese immigration authorities. An appointment will be booked by AIM Capital Partners Portuguese and all applicants must travel to Portugal to attend the appointment.

      The residency application will be officially submitted to the Portuguese authorities at this stage. The Portuguese Immigration Authorities will carry out a due diligence checks on all applicants.

      The application will be approved providing the applicants pass the due diligence checks and the residency cards will be issued. A Portugal Golden Visa application is generally processed within 12 -18 months

      Investors will be eligible to apply for Permanent residency and citizenship in the fifth year of residency. Applicants must fulfil an average seven day residency per year to qualify for permanent residency and Portuguese citizenship. Applicants will also need to pass a basic language test (A2 language Test) in order to qualify for citizenship of Portugal.

      General Requirements

      • Main applicant should be at least 18 years old.
      • Applicant should have no previous criminal record and be of good character.
      • Applicants should be in good health.
      • Applicant should also be able to make the full investment in order to apply.
      • 7 days residency requirement during the first year and 14 days residency requirement every other 2 years. Residency renewal will be subject to the applicant meeting all the residency requirements.

      A successful applicant will have visa free access to the following countries:

      • Austria
      • Belgium
      • Czech Republic
      • Denmark
      • Finland
      • France
      • Germany
      • Greece
      • Hungary
      • Iceland
      • Italy
      • Latvia
      • Liechtenstein
      • Lithuania
      • Luxembourg
      • Malta
      • Netherlands
      • Norway
      • Poland
      • Portugal
      • Slovakia
      • Slovenia
      • Spain
      • Sweden
      • Switzerland
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