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International Citizenship and Residence Solutions

AIM Capital Partners is a government approved CBI consultant headquartered in the United Kingdom. Their solutions are designed for professionals seeking to optimise the global mobility and wealth planning benefits from second citizenship and residency. Their team understands the daily challenges of global citizens with increasing globalisation, global geopolitical uncertainty, social and economic problems. Second citizenship & residency allows professionals to relocate, protect their wealth and the opportunity to have greater international mobility.

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Benefits of Second Citizenship & Residency


Gaining second citizenship & residency opens a gateway to visa free travel to over 130 countries. Globalisation requires professionals to travel around world to conduct business.

Tax Planning

Second citizenship & residency allows professionals to leverage the tax benefits of low tax jurisdictions.

Education and Health Care

Second citizenship & residency allows families to gain access to the best healthcare and education institutions.

Hedging Strategy

Due to growing uncertainty around the world, global citizenship serves as an insurance policy as it provides dual citizenship holders the ability to travel out of a country whenever domestic tensions arise.

Privacy & Security

Professionals will receive complete privacy in their financial planning. Zero foreign exchange controls shall apply.


Families can relocate to a new country quicker through certain citizenship programmes. For example, USA residency can be achieved within 6 months through the Grenada & Montenegro citizenship programme.

Citizenship Solutions

Citizenship Programmes

The citizenship programmes offered by the firm include the following: St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda and Malta.


Our Solutions

AIM Capital Partners offers a variety of citizenship and residency programmes. Our advisers will implement a strategy in order to maximise the benefits of residency and citizenship planning after understanding your requirements and long term plans.

Real Estate

Real Estate Investment

There is a variety of real estate investment opportunities worldwide. AIM Capital Partners can assist clients during the investment process for all citizenship applications. The company will recommend clients products that will yield the best returns.

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